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Landon Trail

The Landon Trail is on nearly 40 miles of the former Missouri-Pacific Railroad linking Topeka’s Shunga Trail, southward, to Lomax Junction, and to the Flint Hills Trail just east of Pomona Lake in Osage County. This historic rail corridor is now being developed as a trail and wildlife area open to the public for non-motorized use. Visitors are invited to come out and enjoy activities such as hiking, biking, running, horseback riding, and experience some of the most breathtaking scenery in the Midwest.

The 38-mile Landon Trail is a particularly scenic recreational trail stretching from the popular Shunga Trail in Topeka to the Clinton Wildlife Area, Pomona Lake and on to the 118-mile Flint Hills Trail near Quenemo. The trail will be the only recreational trail in America to link the Oregon National Historic Trail with the Santa Fe National Historic Trail. In the North, this remarkable trail follows picturesque Camp Creek with its clear, rushing water and wooded oak-hickory covered hills which provide a shady tree canopy for trail users. It should also be noted that the nature trail passes by two wetlands teeming with waterfowl, native tallgrass prairie blooming with wildflowers and two lovely waterfalls.

The trail crosses the Santa Fe Trail north of Overbrook and a side trail could be built to view trail ruts in southeast Overbrook. Very few trails in the Midwest offer the variety of scenery and history provided by the Landon Trail. When completed, it will be an exceptional public asset available to everyone in the Sunflower State.


You can also view online maps (and download GPS tracks) from:

Adopt a Portion

Adopt a Portion

The Kanza Rail-Trails Conservancy, Inc. (KRTC) is a volunteer organization, and its success depends on the generosity of individuals in the community, like you.

Access Points

Access Points

Please do not park on the trail. Leave room for emergency and maintenance vehicles to access the trail. Thank you!

Ride with GPS


SE 17th & Monroe in Topeka (parking area, by Brown vs. Board of Education)


SE 37th & S. Kansas Ave. (Kwik Shop) in Topeka


SE 45th & SW Topeka Blvd (Kwik Shop) in Topeka (trail transitions from paved to limestone)


Herrman’s Trailhead: SE 53rd & SE Adams Rd. in Topeka (parking area can accommodate horse trailers)


SE Berryton Rd. in Berryton adjacent to the post office


SE 77th & SE Croco Rd.

South of SE 89th on SE Ratner Rd.


SE Green Road in Clinton Wildlife Area (limited parking)


Overbrook on South Maple St.  (across from grain elevator)


SE Stubbs Rd. at Michigan Valley (limited parking)

Trail Conditions

Trail Conditions

The Landon Trail is being opened to the public as sections are developed. The Landon Trail inside the city limits is leased to Shawnee County Parks and Recreation and is completely developed. Outside of the city limits, south to Pomona town and the intersection with the Flint Hills Trail, the Landon Trail is being developed by KRTC volunteers.

Ride with GPS

  • Milepost 0 to 3.8 SE 15th Street to SE 45th St.  — Concrete surface. Open to Public.

  • Milepost 3.8 to 15 SE 45th to SE Shadden Rd. Bridge — Crushed limestone surface. Open to the public.

  • Milepost 15 to 23.6 SE Shadden Rd. Bridge to Hwy 56 near Overbrook) —  undeveloped and closed to the public.

  • Milepost 23.6 to 25.2 The original railroad roadbed is all private property. Use public roadways to get  through Overbrook. Please do not trespass onto private property.

  • Milepost 25.2 to 32.2 Maple St. in Overbrook to SE Stubbs Rd. in Michigan Valley — Crushed limestone surface. Open to the public.

  • Milepost 32.2 to 38.5 SE Stubbs Rd. to Lomax Junction/Flint Hills Trail junction, south of K-68 Highway — Undeveloped and closed to public.

Business Directory

Services and Business Directory


Ride with GPS


Brown vs. Board of Education National Historic Site - Water, restrooms, LT Trailhead

1515 SE Monroe Street, Topeka, Kansas

Lakewood Park - no water or restrooms

Plenty of nice shade and picnic facilities
Take SE 21st St east to SE Lakewood Blvd, then go south 2 blocks


Herrman’s Trailhead - no water or restrooms

SE 53rd St. just west of Adams Rd. (north side of 53rd St)
Parking lot large enough for horse trailers


Kwik Shops - restrooms, water for sale

SE 37th St & SE 45th St


Silver Dollar Farms Guest Cabin

4831 SE 61st St.


Berryton United Methodist Church

1 block north on SE Berryton Rd.

Water and restrooms if someone is there, otherwise closed


Los Vaqueros Mexican 

205 Maple St. (closed Mon/Tue)


Jones Park

Picnic shelter, water, restrooms, lake (picnicking only, no camping)

Located 4 blocks East of Main St. on 5th St. 


Michigan Valley--Wolf Creek Campground

Pomona Lake. Located 2 miles west on 213th St. 

Resources Along the Trail


Natural and Historic Features

Brown v. Board of Education National Historic Site — The northern trailhead of the Landon Trail is adjacent to this famous Civil Rights national historic site which celebrates the 1954 landmark U.S. Supreme Court decision that “separate educational facilities are inherently unequal.” This decision heralded the demise of segregated schools across the United States, and was a significant victory in the war against racial discrimination. Located in the former Monroe School, there are extensive photos, articles and videos. []

First Bicycle Roundabout in Kansas — The first bicycle roundabout in Kansas is located at about 20th & Kansas Ave. This is where the popular Shunga Trail intersects the Landon Trail.

Oregon National Historic Trail, Union Ferry Branch — The Landon Trail will be the only recreational trail in America to link the Oregon National Historic Trail with the Santa Fe National Historic Trail. This branch of the Oregon Trail crosses the Landon Trail north of SE 45th St.

Clinton Wildlife Area Wetlands — Two man-made wetland complexes totaling 460 acres in nine marsh pools are teaming with waterfowl. The wildlife area also features the long Wakarusa River railroad bridge.

Tumbling Rocks

1 mile west of Shawnee Heights Rd. Adjacent to trail. Gigantic rocks in scenic, clear Camp Creek

Camp Creek Valley — The trail follows picturesque Camp Creek with its clear, rushing water and wooded oak-hickory covered hills which provide a shady tree canopy for trail users.

Redbud Bluff Waterfall — The waterfall flows from a bluff in the trail corridor south of the old whistle stop of Swissvale. Water flows in the spring.

Tallgrass Prairie — Tracts of native tallgrass prairie with wildflowers are located north of Overbrook along the trail. Private property.

Santa Fe National Historic Trail Crossing — Trail users can visualize Conestoga wagons as they cross this historic trail. Located northwest of Overbrook north of US 56.

Flagg Spring — A few hundred yards to the west of the crossing is the former site of Flagg Spring or Santa Fe Spring which was popular with Santa Fe Trail travelers. The spring no longer flows and the site is on private property.


Santa Fe National Historic Trail Ruts — The Landon Trail passes near the Overbrook Cemetery in SE Overbrook where trail ruts or swales may be viewed. Also, there is a granite marker pointing out the Overbrook Santa Fe Trail Hitching Post (1822-1872). A side trail could easily be built to the cemetery. Open to the public.

Lomax Railroad “Y”

This is where Missouri Pacific Railroad trains turned around using two tracks which formed a “Y”. Located south of K-68. 

Historic 110 Mile Creek Bridge — This 280-foot-long railroad bridge spans 110 Mile Creek and features overhead lattice steel beam girders supported by cut white limestone pilings. Absolutely a great piece of railroad history. Located one mile north of the of the Landon Trail southern terminus, northeast of Quenemo. This section of the trail has not been developed yet. [BridgeHunter]

Rattlesnake Hill — This was an early rendezvous and lookout for the Sac and Fox Indians who were located on a reservation here from 1845-69. The Sac and Fox agency was in Quenemo. A band of about 100 of the Indians remained in the area until about 1886. The wooded hill is located about one mile east of the trail near the southern terminus. On private property.


Wetlands — 10 acres of re-created wetlands west of K-68 north of Quenemo on the Flint Hills Trail near the Landon Trail southern terminus. Privately owned. Water in the wetlands is seasonal. The Conservancy’s old railroad bed makes the berm to hold the water. Not open to public.

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